Data center

Our Data Center is structured in five different offices that collaborate closely in order to attain the Foundation’s purposes and an efficient and optimal management of clinical studies.

In this way, new drugs and therapies are provided in complete safety to the patients affected by hematologic disorders and especially by multiple myeloma.

Scientific Economic and Contractual Office

The Scientific Economic and Contractual Office puts into contact investigators with institutions and companies promoting the studies on therapies for neoplastic hematologic diseases. Our team follows the entire process of submission of the scientific proposal to the various pharmaceutical companies, working meticulously on the drafting of contracts with them.

Clinical Trial Coordination Office

The Clinical Trial Coordination Office manages all the administrative and organizational activities regarding clinical trials, such as submitting documentation to the competent authorities and ethical committees, or supporting clinical centers during the conduct and completion of clinical trials.

Clinical Data Management Office

The Clinical Data Management Office deals with the collection, cleaning and processing of clinical data and helps investigators in the proper interpretation of protocols by continuously monitoring data and preserving their accuracy and conformance with experimental studies. Information is collected through web platforms  specifically designed and managed (i.e. electronic CaseReportForm).

Pharmacovigilance Office

The Pharmacovigilance Office manages the adverse events reports, in order to preserve a continuous safety control over study drugs, by respecting prearranged time frames and using dedicated electronic CaseReportForm sections. Moreover, the Office provides annual reports regarding all the adverse events noticed during a specific year and submits this entire documentation to the involved companies and to all the ethical committees of the participating institutions.

Data Analysis and Publishing Office

The Data Analysis and Publishing Office deals with the statistical analyses of studies, in order to highlight the potential survival and toxicity benefits of one therapeutic regimen over another. Furthermore, the Office is responsible for the subsequent publications on scientific journals. Results are also disclosed and shared during international conferences, meetings and symposia in order to foster and concretize the collaboration of multiple research groups.


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