Fondazione European Myeloma Network Italy Onlus (previously FO.NE.SA. ONLUS - Fondazione Neoplasie Sangue) is a non-profit foundation, which fosters and finances scientific research while economically supporting patients and their families. Hematologic pathologies are the main field of activity, with close attention to multiple myeloma. For more than a decade, Fondazione EMN Italy Onlus has been a touchstone for physicians, researchers, and experts in the field who are involved in the study of this type of pathologies. The Foundation also supports whoever has to face long paths of therapy and recovery.

A highly qualified and specialized team of professionals (such as researchers, medical writers, data managers, and statisticians) are deeply involved to develop and promote multiple aspects of scientific research, and to manage different operative steps of pharmaceutical experimental projects, while supporting the involved patients and their families.
The Foundation's main efforts are the total compliance with protocols; the precise and accurate collection, editing and processing of data; and the incessant statistical analysis and disclosure of research studies. All these activities encourage the interaction among different national and international research groups. Hence, Fondazione EMN Italy Onlus boasts relevant results in the fight against malignant hematologic disorders.

Promoting Clinical Trials
Fondazione EMN Italy Onlus promotes national and international clinical trials in the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic fields, also through the acquisition of instruments and goods to be allocated, by donation or gratuitous conveyance, to academic and medical centers, whose institutional contexts are the analysis and treatment of malignant hematologic disorders.
Fondazione EMN Italy Onlus discloses results of activities and studies in the hematological field, by means of scientific publications and meetings and symposia for medical and paramedical professionals operating in academic and medical centers, in order to share experiences at international level.
Fondazione EMN Italy Onlus financially supports patients affected by hematologic disorders with significant economic difficulties, helping them having examinations, purchasing drugs, finding accommodations. Moreover, the Foundation financially supports researchers in participating in meetings and symposia and/or review courses. Finally, FO.NE.SA. endorses the development of clinical research through clinical trial protocols.
Fondazione EMN Italy Onlus aims to improve care and assistance for patients affected by hematologic disorders, guaranteeing a more effortless accessibility to therapies, thanks to the participation in clinical trials with innovative and highly effective drugs, and to the inclusion of patients, families and general practitioners in the therapeutic decision-making.

Fosters and manages
Fosters and manages research activities; promotes clinical trials with highly effective novel drugs; bestows endowments, rewards and scholarships for professionals who are active in the research on hematologic neoplasms; facilitates the mobility of staff members in order to consolidate the collaboration with other international centers of excellence.
Promotes the collaboration among different Italian and international research centers active in the field of clinical trials; the organization of seminars for patients and relatives for their better information and inclusion; the organization of educational activities and meetings for experts in the field, encouraging exchanges of views and fresh collaborations for the enhancement of therapeutic approaches.


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